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Multi-Part Fic:

Irreplaceable Days - A series of nine interrelated fics following Souji and Yosuke from November through the true ending. Obvious pairing is obvious. In progress.

#1. Heartbeat, Heartbreak; November spoilers.
#2. Filling the Silence; November spoilers.
#3. Breakdown; December spoilers.
#4. Truth in the Shadows; December/endgame spoilers.

Reach Out - A ten-part AU, based (with permission) off of Turn Away (contains September spoilers), a fill for this prompt on [personal profile] badbadbathhouse. Reach Out is a true ending continuation to the scenario described in Turn Away. Complete!

Note: By the fic's nature, all parts contain spoilers for pretty much everything it's possible to spoil in Persona 4, including the true ending. Pairings for this one are Souji/Yosuke (in the past), with implied Chie/Yukiko and Kanji/Naoto.

Part 1: Catalyst
Part 2: Velvet
Part 3: Crossroads
Part 4: Delusions
Part 5: Curses
Part 6: Echoes
Part 7: Anchors
Part 8: World
Part 9: Truth
Part 10: Life

Side Story: Healing; Chie/Yukiko, Yukiko-centric. Takes place (mostly) between the events of Turn Away and Reach Out.

Ten Steps - A sixteen-part AU, a fill for this prompt on [personal profile] badbadbathhouse. In which Yosuke ends up moving to Inaba in June, and thus doesn't know about the TV world or the investigation... and, well, just read the prompt and the first part's blurb. You'll get the idea. :) Complete!

Note: Contains spoilers for events up to August, plus elements of November. As with... uh, everything I write, pretty much, this one is also Souji/Yosuke. Eventually.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve
Part Thirteen
Part Fourteen
Part Fifteen
Part Sixteen

Souji/Yosuke (or the other way around) Fic:

Warmth; no spoilers. Total fluff - Yosuke is sick and Souji shows up to take care of him.

The Hanamura Challenge; minor November spoilers (for social link events, not plot) + spoilers for Yosuke's social link. More total fluff - established relationship, Yosuke's paranoid about other people finding out. His efforts to get over himself don't quite work as planned.

Tactical Advantages; no spoilers. Yet more fluff - Yosuke finds out his seemingly invulnerable leader actually does have a weakness...

Times of Need; November spoilers. Hurt/comfort after plot events.

Music Meme Drabbles; Good ending spoilers. More of a writing exercise than actual fic - a series of ten music-inspired 'drabbles'.

The Little Things; Good ending / Tower s-link spoilers. Written for Yosuke's birthday - sometimes the little things matter the most. Pre-relationship but subtexty, also fluffy.

Samegawa Summer; Very vague June spoilers. Minific, established relationship fluff, not serious business in the least. Summer in Inaba is too damn hot; Souji and Yosuke look for a more effective way to beat the heat.

The Fine Art of Distraction; Good ending spoilers. Minific, established relationship fluff, not serious business in the least. Summer homework is terrible. Being forced to do it - when there are much more amusing alternatives - is even worse. Rebellion is clearly the only answer!

Meep! II: Early-Morning Boogaloo; Good ending spoilers. Minific, still more established relationship fluff - timeskip to boot! Souji, Yosuke, and a rather bratty kitty.

Tanabata Wishes; Spoilers up to 7/7. Yosuke is exhausted and stressed after a grueling week at work. Souji to the rescue! Even more established relationship fluff.

Christmas Gifts; Vague good ending spoilers. Souji is lonely on Christmas Eve... for a while. Yeah, I like established relationship fluff.

Alternative Medicine; No real spoilers. After a Shadow attack puts Souji in the hospital, Yosuke realizes his best friend may mean more to him than he thought... All the fluff.

Closer; Spoilers for December, explicit smut warning! One foggy evening in December... (More details would be spoilery, so please check the notes on the fic itself for a full summary. Pairing includes Shadow!Yosuke as well in this instance.)

Other One-Shots:

Sometimes Things Fall; November spoilers. Gen vignette - a rescue fails and time loops around for Souji.

Heaven Falling Down; true ending spoilers. AU in which Nanako is the killer. (Yeah, I'm a terrible person. D:)

Resonance; December/endgame spoilers. Gen - some barbs hit a little close to home for Yosuke.

Signs of Love; very minor spoilers for Golden Week. Happy, cute gen fluff - Nanako's feeling a little lost and insecure, so Souji helps out.

Shatter; Early December/first bad ending spoilers. Souji and Yosuke learn the hard way that sometimes you can't undo the mistakes you make. (I am once again a terrible person.)

Echoes That Dwell; Spoilers for 4/15. Yosuke encounters an unexpected reminder of the past. Warning for tame but not-quite-consensual Yosuke-molesting.

Precious Things; Good ending spoilers. Yosuke and Nanako take a train ride and have mishaps and adventures along the way. Gen, fluffy, and adorable.

Microfic Fiesta!; No spoilers. A series of three gen microfics - one features Souji and Yosuke; the other two feature Souji and Nanako. Also fluffy and adorable.

The Best Medicine; Spoilers for December. Cute gen with Yosuke, Nanako, and Souji - more specifics would be spoilery, so see the fic notes for details!


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